“Christopher is one of the foremost experts and authorities on integrity marketing and success…”
~ Brian Tracy, Best Selling Author, International Speaker

You're a decisive person and made a great decision to check this out! 


If you are a Salesperson, Corporate Executive, or an Entrepreneur, and having challenges increasing your sales revenue, then this game is for YOU!!!

I designed the "gamification" to sales and it all started when I reflected on how I took my sales career to a new level a few years back. I closed million-dollar commissions, and I am sharing what it took to make that happen. 

yes, I said, "Commissions", not deal size or revenue, I mean commissions payable to me and my team!

I am unleashing all my secrets and will be coaching you live for the next 30 days, every day! 

If you don't take action on this - then quite frankly I'm STUNNED. You either didn't watch the videos, you don't understand the offer, or you don't believe me.

So let me connect the dots for you :-)

THE OFFER: This is a LIMITED Group and Individual Coaching for your business. We will meet by phone for our initial introduction for 30 minutes to discuss, and confirm your business and sales goals, identify the steps that will get you there, agree on homework you will have to do, and then play the game every day to win! You will be on-boarded into the game using a secure network. I will be working in the network LIVE, by video, by text, and provide you access to information and other amazing mentors within my inner-circle. 

THE RULES:  You simply must do your homework and play the game every day. This pushes you to take the action you need to take to get the results you want.

THE REASON: I'm offering you this because I "LOVE" helping go-getters like you succeed and push themselves to a new level of success! It's so easy for me to 'think on my feet' over the phone, on video, LIVE, and give you strategic ideas and come up with the right actions. My high paying clients get me for 2 hours per call and those marathons can really take a lot out of me. But with this game, I find myself with more energy and clarity when focusing on one problem and coming up a with the best solution. 

THE PROOF: Check out all my testimonials, and video testimonies, and of course after I help you, I want yours too!

THE GUARANTEE: On our first (30) Minute Call - if you don't think I can absolutely help you achieve your Business goals, then we'll cancel the agreement and I'll refund your money immediately. No Risk!

THE BONUSES: I'm so excited to offer a bonus for this program! I've never done this before. I will be interviewing my mentors and you get the benefit of being on the LIVE interview and I will also host a Q&A session, the likes of Bob Burg, Joel Comm, Brandon T. Adams, Greg Rollett, and many more. This is also free when you sign up today.

The P.O.S.E to Close Strategy: This course teaches you how to close anyone in 4 easy steps. It's what I call your silver bullets! 

An exclusive invite to the Inner-Circle Mentoring Group, Mavericks Mentoring: This group teaches you exactly how to master your the mindset to hit six, even seven figures and more in your business. In this elite organization you will avoid the trappings of the traditional meet and greet networking events, (whether they are free or fee-based), because MM events are designed around increasing your: bottom line, relevance, visibility, collaborative opportunity, leadership in your market space, skillfulness, and creating uncontested market space, using a very organic approach to member acquisition.

I hope I've connected the dots well enough for you. If you agree that this is what you need to finally start earning more revenue and getting more clients, then here's the link

Here is a recap of what you get!

  • Introduction to the "GAME"
  • Coaching you through the "GAME"
  • 30 minutes on a private call with me 
  • 30 Days of "LIVE" online group coaching 
  • A seat at the Private Interviews
  • Secure Private Platform
  • Weekly Webinar Sales Training
  • The P.O.S.E to Close Strategies
  • Unique Sales Tactics
  • Sales Success Playbook
  • Daily Motivation
  • Daily Insight
  • Invite to my Inner Circle group to meet my mentors
  • 90-day action plan to create your own Kick A$$ Sales
  • so much more...

The Kick A$$ Sales Game

In this course, you will learn my technique that landed me million dollar commissions and how I used this "Kick Ass Sales Game" to attract more high ticket sales year after year while building all of my businesses. In my 25 plus years of selling, I have mastered the "Art of Closing" and now for the first time ever I am opening up the game to you. I have been privately coaching this game to my students for more than $10,000 and finally decided to make this available for a very inexpensive amount. I look forward to having you join the group and learn some amazing new skills and mindset techniques from me and my mentors! Sincerely, Christopher Cumby

$1,998.00 USD