Mavericks Mastermind - Business Success

Join the Inner Circle of "C-Level Executives" and "Entrepreneurs!"

In this elite organization you will avoid the trappings of the traditional meet and greet networking events, (whether they are free or fee-based), because MM events are designed around increasing your: bottom line, relevance, visibility, collaborative opportunity, leadership in your market space, skillfulness, and creating uncontested market space, using a very organic approach to member acquisition.

As a member of Mavericks Mastermind, you’ll have direct access to strategize, share wisdom with other Maverick minded entrepreneurs and other industry leading needle movers, develop collaborative opportunities and partnerships that are not available under other exponential business umbrellas. You need to be building up your revenue, leveling up your development and collaborations and scaling your marketing and your business, otherwise, you are not truly growing and you risk becoming irrelevant. When you invest small you receive small; we think exponential and create it.

We will provide you with insight and knowledge to create an uncontested market space for your career or business! We are both Mavericks and excited to advance to the top of our game. 

We believe in BLUE OCEAN thinking. Let us share our skills with you so that you can bring your game to a whole new level and create the income and life you deserve.

We have over 55 years of "Business Critical" Experience and we have produced over $1,5 Billion in revenue for the companies they have worked and consulted for. 

We will also teach you the mindset that helped us close multi-million dollar commission deals in the last 15 years! 

Here is what you get:

  • You will have access to our private secure network group of like-minded C-level Executives, Business Pros, and Entrepreneurs! 
  • A Signed Copy of our books "The Success Playbook" - "The Change 6"
  • You will receive a 1-hour video meeting with us when you sign up. This will help us get to know each other and help us understand your goals, dreams, and desires!
  • You will have access to our monthly coaching and mentoring call where we will be providing training and insight into where the world is going and how you can get a piece of it.
  • We will have special guests (Mavericks) that will join in periodically with special training webinars to bring more value to your investment! 
  • We will have more awesome surprises for you that will bring your sales, revenue, and business to a peak performance level.
  • Peer to peer mentoring 
  • Networking
  • Invite to special events
  • Access to our influencers and connections
  • FREE ticket to the Think Bold, Be Bold Summit VIP

We are excited to share our knowledge and know how that made us successful in our own businesses and careers! 

Cheers to your "Success."


Christopher Cumby & Allan Wich

Authors, Speakers, and Hosts of Think Bold, Be Bold.


Mavericks Mastermind - Business Success Network

Are you a business professional or entrepreneur and looking for the edge to increase your revenue and sharpen your skills? Then you are in the right place. We have over 55 years of proven business and sales experience and we have been fortunate to collectively delivered over 1 Billion in revenue for our clients and businesses.  During that time we have learned a thing or two that gave us the edge and one of them is a philosophy that we live by and that is "Always be Caring", the real ABC's of business. Let's break away from traditions and create uncontested market space for you and your business or career. We will provide some BLUE OCEAN thinking and provide you with new insight into bringing your skills to a whole new level.  We are excited for you to join the inner circle of like-minded sales professional and entrepreneurs that want to AMP their career and shoot for the moon!  Is their a Maverick in you?

$18,000.00 USD