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“The Success Playbook is a brilliant compilation of thoughts, ideas, quotes and suggestions from the great minds through the ages. The author delivers this brilliance in thorough and strategic fashion. This book reads like poetry for greatness. I could not help but agree with virtually every word and line in this not to be missed book. It is laid out in a methodical step-by-step approach to building your foundation for success. At the same time, the author gives so much information that it becomes a history lesson as well as a self-help guide. It is obvious that the advice given in this book is also autobiographical. I know the author and Chris truly walks his talk. He has followed and implemented the brilliance that he shares. The Success Playbook provides great information, as well as being a refresher for anyone who has been on the path. Chris has mastered the concept of living a life with purpose and thoroughly shares this art. I am a big fan of this author. After reading success playbook you will be too!”

Barry Laub - Author, Speaker, Coach

“The most successful people I know in life write down what they want to do before they actually do it. In Chris's new book The Success Playbook he takes you step by step through proven principles that will help you take your life, your business, your relationships and your finances to the next level. I have personally used some of the principles in this book to create a $100M business, raise four accomplished children and maintain a healthy life style. I highly recommend that you buy The Success Principles and apply them to your life. WARNING...The principles in this book can cause severe personal growth, side effects may include increased net worth, improved relationships, and success that exceeds your expectations.”

Steve Cesari, Author, Speaker, Consultant

“The Success Playbook is a valuable road map for anyone who strives to improve aspects of their personal and professional lives. Christopher helps guide you through your journey to find what you love, do what you love, and be the person you’ve always aspired to be.”

Brian Tracy - Author, Speaker, Businessman

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